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That Dragon, Religion

There will of course be spoilers – so please take the few hours it requires to play the game. This is also based on my six month old recollections of the game, so if some details are incorrect – I

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Hitman in a hi-vis vest.

Picture this for a moment: An assassin nears his target in an office building. He pauses, assessing cubicle farm between him and the target’s corner office for threats and methods of concealing his crime. “Sorry,” someone stands up and interrupts

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A PAX Australia Survival Guide

*apologies – this one is coming in hot with limited editing, but it needs to be said*  There’s been a few of these promoted by the official @PAXAus twitter account, but I feel they’ve all been somewhat lacking. In fact

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Procedural Content 1: Homicide

As anyone who has been forced to share a screen with me knows, I love police procedurals. I wish I had a good or smart reason as to why that I could use. It’s not that I long to wear

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Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons

Just a warning, I will be spoiling Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons in this post. Brothers is an exceptional game because of its dedication to its theme – loss. Every segment and encounter is in service of developing the

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Fresh Eyes

I can’t remember the first time I saw Star Wars, but I know that it comprises some of my earliest memories of media. The earliest memory that of being terrified by a film that I think was The Poltergeist and

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Easy violence made hard

Violence is horrible. It’s terrifying. It’s fast. It’s primal. It’s exhausting. I’ve been a victim of it. Shamefully, I’ve been a perpetrator of it. I even judge it being professionally applied. But too often in video games, violence is simple.

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One of the most vivid memories I have of gaming in recent years is my first experience with Proteus. During the Game Masters exhibition at ACMI in Melbourne, I was killing time before queuing to hear Warren Spector speak. Each

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